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Updated date: 29/08/2023

Registered notaries

This list is of notaries whose signatures are registered with this Consulate General. This means that the documents signed by them can be legalized by the Consulate General directly, without requiring that the document be previously authenticated by a Canadian authority.

Notary Telephone webpage/email Prov. City
Agar, Glen William 204-934-2590 MB Winnipeg
Bennell, Randolph Allan 204-984-9800 MB Winnipeg
Fridman, Carolina Alejandra 204-944-8889 MB Winnipeg
Lazar, Cynthia Louise (*) 204-988-0300 MB Winnipeg
Qually,  Shereese Rachelle  204-988-0382   MB Winnipeg
Zylberman, Leandro Damian (*) 204-934-2576   MB Winnipeg
Laufer, Alicia (*) 204-995-4348 MB Winnipeg
Figueroa, Alfredo Leonardo (*) 905-274-1650 ON Mississauga
Malicki, Marek Stefan (*) 905-274-1650 ON Mississauga
Orlando Marino Rosa 705-949-6700 ON Saul Ste. Marie
Canizares, Nicolás Carlos 416-256-5885 ON Toronto
Carranza-Cisneros, Juan Francisco (*) 416-633-1065 ON Toronto
Fine, Andrew (*) 416-785-9499 ON Toronto
Higuera Norambuena, Rodolfo Francisco 416-633-0383 ON Toronto
Rocca, Felix (*) 905-851-7747 ON Toronto
Somjen, John Jules 416-922-8083 ON Toronto
Siguencia Vargas, Beatriz Elizabeth (*) 416-271-5968 ON Toronto, Woodbridge
Wells, Patricia (*) ON Toronto
Gualtieri, Carlo 905-732-4481 ON Welland
Beneteau, Leonard Murray (*) 519-258-5030 ON Windsor
Lackowicz, Paul W. 867- 667-2099 YT Whitehorse
Howells, Gareth C. 867-667-7885 YT Whitehorse

(*) Does documents in spanish.


In order to get a translator, it is suggested to consult the list of professionals from the translators association of your province (link). The following translators requested to publish their contact details on the Consulate's website:

Traductor Teléfono Ciudad
Bolanos, Pilar 613 224 2272 Ottawa
Granada, Rita 416 533 1372 Toronto
Murphy, Loretta 647 283 5079 Toronto
Pisera, Andrea Marisa 647 531 8128 Toronto
Robinson, Diana H. 647 668 3604 Toronto
Russo, Rosana 905 666 5467 Toronto
Strazzolini, Eugenia Alejandra 647 867 8451 Toronto
Zabala, Carolina 416 819 6519 Toronto

Updated 26/11/2021

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