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New development in the world of telecommunications- W351-

Updated date: 07/01/2021

The Argentine company “American Outdoor” is currently launching a new development in the world of telecommunications and helping evolve the evolution of antennas and 5G.

Their design solution (protected by patent WO2018037145 of their property), manages to hide antennas inside metallic structures without interfering with the electromagnetic wave (permeable patches to the electromagnetic wave).

With their system, antennas and emission devices can be integrated into existing billboard structures. It utilizes existing structures efficiently; it does not limit the number of operations and antennas, by the co-location and optimization of structures; 100% permeability of electromagnetic waves; and total invisibility of antennas and their equipment.

 Some benefits of the W351 patent include:

+1.000.000 billboards around the world

100% effective, safe and integrated

100% antennas mimicry products in urban environments

100% advertising efficiency

100% social acceptance

100% environmentally friendly and sustainable

Other advantages: zero visual pollution of antennas, regulated activity, zero planet Damage

112 patented countries, including Canada.

Watch intro video HERE


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