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Visa para pasajeros en transito o tripulantes de embarcaciones

Fecha de actualización: 26/05/2021


1. Passengers in transit who enter to Argentina in order to continue their journey to another country, out within TWELVE (12) hours of their arrival to Argentina, do not require a consular visa.

2. Passengers entering to the Argentine territory with the sole purpose of addressing through its territory to another country. Authorized period of stay up to TEN (10) days, renewable for similar period in Argentina. In relation to the requirements for this Visa, please contact this Consulate General (see this link).

3. Passengers arriving Argentina to join as crew members of a ship. This Visa can be granted for a period of stay up to TEN (10) consecutive days only renewable for another similar period in Argentina.

3.1 Requirements:

a. The Maritime Agency in Argentina must obtain authorization for the crew member entrance to Argentina at the Argentina Immigration Authority (Direccion Nacional de Migraciones "DNM", see this link). The "DNM" shall issue a record of this authorization that will be delivered to the maritime agency and then must be sent to this Consulate General by mail or fax.

b. Valid passport and a Visa application completed in full (See Forms online), including address and phone numbers.

c. One picture 4 x 4 cm, white or color background.

d. Flight Schedule (Airline Reservations).

e. Copy of a credit card and bank statement.

f. Proof of legal status in Canada (if not a Canadian national)

g. Pay for the fee established in the current regulations. Accompany a money order or certified cheque payable to: "Consulate General of Argentina", per each visa application. Check the consular fees here. Passport holders of India are exempted of this visa fee.

h. Include a prepaid envelope or courier slip, with the waybill duly completed, to return the documents to you, unless it is picked up personally at our office. We recommend you write down the number of the tracking number of the envelope you are enclosing to us.


3.2. Procedure:

1. Applications will be processed and returned in 5 working days, as from the date of the arrival via the prepaid envelope menioned above. Rush process visas are issued within 48 hours and are subject to the rush process fee, per each document.

2. Check the status of your application to Canada Post or the Courier chosen, upon our intervention with the tracking number already mentioned. For contacting Canada Post, click here.

3. If the applicant has not accompanied a prepaid envelope or courier slip, he/she will have either to send a prepaid envelope/courier slip to us or come personally to our Office to pick up the documents

Note: This General Consulate does not take responsibility for delays or losses in the mail or courier


Act 26/05/2021


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