Consulado General en Toronto

Police record check with the assistance of a designated person in Argentina


with the assistance of a designated person in Argentina



For this process it is necessary to authorize a person in Argentina who will submit the forms to the Registro Nacional de Reincidencia (RNR) on your behalf.


Please follow the following steps:


1) Request an appointment to the following e-mail address:

2) On the day of your appointment please bring all the RNR forms duly completed (follow the instructions below) along with your passport or DNI for foreigners.

3) Consular fee. Methods of payment: money order or certified cheque payable to the "Consulate General of Argentina".

4) After the consular intervention, you must mail the forms to the authorized person in Argentina. This person will submit them to the RNR on your behalf.





Please read the following information carefully to complete the forms for the



Access the following link to complete the forms:




After completing the forms, TWO BOXES will be displayed:

1) SOLICITUD DE CERTIFICADO DE ANTECEDENTES PENALES (“Application for Criminal Record Check”) (three pages)

2) AUTORIZACION (“Authorization”) (one page)

You MUST print all pages (four in total)


Helpful tips to complete the “Solicitud de antecedentes penales” - (please do not sign it)


  • País: select “otros países”(do NOT select CANADA)
  • Modalidad: “por mandatario con autorización del mandante”
  • Trámite: select the required service- 5 days or 24 hours
  • Documento: Type and number of identification document (DNI for foreigners or passport)
  • Apellidos (last name/s) y nombres (first and middle name/s): write them exactly as they appear on your identification document
  • Nombres del padre: father’s first and middle name/s  (do not include last name/s)
  • Apellido de soltera (mother’s maiden name) and “nombre/s de la madre” (mother’s first and middle name/s)
  • Domicilio (address in Canada) write it on the same line: Street, number, suite/floor, city  and province
  • Código postal (postal code): only include numbers
  • “Para ser presentado ante”, (to be presented before)-  If the police check is required by the Canadian Government to obtain Canadian residency or citizenship, please write:



Some helpful tips for completing the “Autorización” (please do not sign it)


  • First and middle name/s and last name/s of the  “mandatario” (the person you are authorizing to submit the application in Argentina on your behalf): Write them exactly as they appear on his/her identification document
  • Documento: Type and number of identification document (of the authorized person)
  • Domicilio legal: (mailing address of the authorized person)Street, number, suite, city  and province
  • Domicilio real: (residential address of the authorized person) Street, number, suite, city  and province
  • Número de teléfono del mandatario: Authorized person’s Telephone number
  • Ciudad dónde será presentado: city where you will be submitting this form “Toronto, CANADA”


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