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Temporary Argentine Passport

A temporary passport is issued to Argentine Citizens who do not have their DNI (green booklet) and for those who are under removal order by Migration Authorities. This passport is valid only for 60 days from the date of issuance and to travel only to Argentina. It can be used only once and it is not valid for entering the United States of America or any other country which requires tourist/transit visa for Argentine Passport Holders.

We recommend that the applicant get a direct flight to Argentina or if it includes some stops in between, to find out that the countries involved do not require a tourist/transit visa.



An appointment must be booked in advance since the applicant must come personally to be fingerprinted at this Consulate the date of the appointment because we need his/her fingerprints to be printed for both the Passport and its correspondent forms.

For this purpose, the applicant may call us or send an e-mail. In any case, the applicant must complete this form on line (one per person) and send it to us personally or via e-mail. The applicant must check the box "expedición de pasaporte". We will assign the appointment within 5 working days from the date of the arrival of this form. If you haven't received our response within these days, please contact us or send the form on line again.

Appointments are given within 45-50 days from the date requested. Urgent appointments are assigned within 30 days on condition that there is availability. Urgent appointments are subject to the rush process fee.


1. 1 (one) recent identical colour photographs, sized 4x4 cm or 1.5 x 1.5 inches, plain white background, full face, front view and open eyes, make sure photo presents full head from top of hair to shoulders (not including sunglasses or hats).

2. Submit his DNI/L.E/L.C or Passport. For people under removal order, passport photocopies certified by Migration Authorities of Canada are acceptable.

3. In cases of the passport being lost, the applicant must accompany a police report of this loss.

4. Submit a certified cheque or money order payable to: "Consulate General of Argentina". If an "urgent" appointment has been asigned, the applicant must pay for the rush process fee. Check the consular fees here.
5. For Argentine citizens under removal order, a formal letter of the Migration Authorities requesting the issuance of a temporary passport and indicating whether they are paying for the passport fee (and/or fees) as well.


After the appointment is given, it is mandatory that the applicant (or Migration Authorities in cases of removal) send us -via prepaid envelope/courier slip or personally- the form on line, completed in capital letters and signed and all the documents mentioned from 1) to 5) his/her current passport, or DNI or Birth Certificate, copies of the first 2 pages of both documents, the money order that corresponds to the total of the service he/she is requesting, the passport photos, and submit everythingl to this Consulate by one week from the date of the e-mail assigning the appointment. He/she may choose to come to this Consulate to do so or send it by mail.

The temporary Passport will be issued the date of the appoinment and we will give it back with the rest of the documents already submitted by the applicant.

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