Consulado General en Toronto

Police record from Argentina (without fingerprints)

1. This certificate is issued at the applicant's written request. It is appropriate for both Argentine citizens and foreigners

2. This certificate is issued in a letterhead paper of this Consulate General with the signature and stamp of the Consul (before applying for this certificate we suggest you to find out if it will be accepted by your Institution or if it will be requiered the certificate from the Ministry of Justice visit the following link)

3. Argentine citizens or foreigners who do not have a valid "Cédula de Identidad" from Argentina (or the one that has the same number of the DNI) or the "Mercosur Argentine Passport", can apply for this certificate as well, but in this case, the applicant has to apply for an appointment so that he/she comes personally to this Consulate to put his/her fingerprints in the F.2851 form of the Federal Police. This Institution will create, with these fingerprints, a file of the applicant. Additional passport photos are requested (see requirements nº 3, below).


1. Fill out completely this form, accompanying a prepaid envelope (i.e. Xpress Post) or courier slip for the delivery of the certificate. In the application, write down the language of which you need the certificate, among english, spanish, french, german, italian and portuguese.

2. Sumbitt the form mentioned before to this Consulate in person accompanying valid "Cédula de Identidad" (or the one that has the same number of the DNI) or the "Pasaporte Argentino Mercosur". It is not needed an appointment for so. For people living far from this Consulate, he/she may choose to ask a Notary already registered with us to certifiy his/her signature in the form and the photocopies of the above mentioned Argentina documents and submitt it to this Consulate by mail (check this link)

3. Argentine citizens and foreigners who do not have a valid "Cédula de Identidad" (or the one that has the same number of the DNI) or the "Pasaporte Argentino Mercosur" will have to ask for an appointment and come personally to this Consulate General. As well, 4 photograpshs, size: 1,5 x 1,5 inches, ¾ right profile, white or light blue background, without glasses, hat or and/or any other sort of face hidden.

4. Enclose or accompany a money order issued to: "Consulate General of Argentina", according to this procedure. The Consular fee is split in two parts, namely:

  • Applicant's request. Check the consular fees here.
  • Issue of the Police Certificate by this Consulate. Check the consular fees here.


1. To begin the process by mail, the applicant must submit his/her application form and the documents mentioned in "I. REQUIREMENTS point 2.", accompanying, at least, the first money order, enclosing a prepaid envelope (i.e. xpress post) or courier slip with the waybill dully completed. It is also possible to enclose the two fees in two separate money orders.

2. When the information is ready, we will issue the certificate and send this document back to his/her address, through the prepaid envelope already provided.

3. If the applicant has accompanied only the first money order, he/she will have to send us the 2º money order by mail enclosing a prepaid envelope (i.e. xpress post) or courier slip with the waybill dully completed, so that we can send this document back to his/her address.

VERY IMPORTANT: in cases that the Federal Police is unable to find or identify a record of the applicant during a search at their records, this Consulate will inform this situation to the applicant. If it were the case, the applicant will have to apply for a new certificate with fingerprints and proceed according to what is stated above in paragraph number 3)- "I.Requirements".

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