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Investment Visa (for one year, multiple entry)


May apply to this kind of visa for a period of one year, foreign residents in this jurisdiction, intending to make an investment in Argentina for an amount not less than $ 1,500,000 (pesos) in any lawful activity linked to productive activity, trade or services. The initial procedure is as follows:

1) The applicant shall present to the consular office the project of productive investment, commercial or service in Argentina for a minimum of A MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND ARGENTINE PESOS ($ 1,500,000), having prove the origin and legality of the funds and their entry into the country through banks or financial institutions authorized by the Central Bank of Argentina. If the presentation of the proyect is in english, must comes with the translation in spanish.

2) Then, this Consulate General wil send the presentation of the project to be evaluated by Argentina's National Directorate of Migration (DNM).

3) Finally, the DNM report to the Consulate General the approval of the investment  of the project by the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, which have a term of urgent realization.

This process may take several months.


An appointment must be applied in advance. You can call us or send an e-mail for that purpose. This visa requests that the applicant shows up at this Consulate the date of the appointment because we need his fingerprints to fill out the forms of the migratory bag.

It is mandatory that the applicant sends us -via prepaid envelope/courier slip or personally- the passports, the money order and the rest of the documents required, within no less than 15 days prior of the date of the appointment, so that we can process in advance all the info of this kind of visa. If you have sent the documents via Canada Post or Courier, please, don't ask us whether or not the envelope has arrived here. Refer directly to Canada Post here or the Courier Company you have utilized.

Incomplete applications, without exception, will NOT be accepted for processing


1. Application: English speaking Applicants must submit the Form by following the instructions in English (See Form and Instructions), including address and phone numbers. Complete all blank spaces and sign at the bottom.

2. Sworn Declaration (English) and Sworn Declaration ( Spanish), to be filled out. The appliant must sign them only in the Consultate.

3. "Certified Criminal Record Check" form the RCMP (please visit the following link).  This document must be authenticated by the "Department of Authentication of the DFAIT in Ottawa" (click here for more information). Also, if you have lived in another country during the last five (3) years, you must submit to this Consulate General the Police record certificates of those countries, duly legalized by the corresponding Argentine Consulate. This documents must be translated into Spanish. It is not necessary an official translation, just a simple one.

Important: DFAIT has informed to this Consulate General that the RCMP certificate mentioned above must not be authenticated by a notary previously to request the authentication from DFAIT.

4. Valid passport, at least for the next twelve months.

5. Two (2) Photographs passport size, ¾ right profile, white or color background, without glasses, per applicant


The consular fees are payable to: "Consulate General of Argentina", by means of money order or certified cheque, and they are split in two parts, namely: Visa (temporary residence fee) and Migratory bag for temporary residence fee. Check here the fees.


The visa will be processed and the passport is going to be returned to the applicant the date of the appointment at this Consulate. In addition, we will give him/her 1 envelope to be taken to Argentina to the Authorities of the "Registro Nacional de las Personas", where the applicant must apply for his/her DNI for foreigners. 

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