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Temporary Work Visa (for one year, multiple entry) - Law 25871 art. 23 "a" or "e"

IMPORTANT RENURE MODIFICATIONS AS OF NOVEMBER 20, 2020 The letter of invitation from the host organization or business in Argentina certified by an argentine notary public must mention that the person that signs is authorized to act as a representative of the host organization or business.


Foreigners residing within our jurisdiction holders of an employment contract issued in Argentina for a period of at least one year going to Argentina to perform an specific job, and personel or members of a Staff of a Foreign Trade or Industrial Company being transferred from Canada to its Subsidiary (or a third Company) in Argentina, may apply for this Visa at this Consulate. Those going for a paid internship must also apply for this visa.

Be advised that in order to be elegible for this Visa, the worker must obtain and pay for the "Migratory Permit" in Argentina at Migration Authorities ("DNM", click here). This Visa allows the applicant to obtain the Argentine Document for foreigners (DNI) and to get paid for his/her servicies performed in Argentina.



An appointment must be requested once the applicant has received his/her Migratory Permit from Argentina. You can call us or send an e-mail to for that purpose. The date of the appointment the applicant will be fingerprinted and all related documents must be signed by the applicant as well. (see "III. PROCEDURE", below). It is mandatory that the applicant sends us -via prepaid envelope/courier slip or personally- the passport, the money order and the rest of the required documents, 15 days prior of the date of the appointment.

Incomplete applications are not accepted.


1. Visa Application form. English speaking Applicants must submit the Form (wich is  by following the instructions in English (See Form and Instructions), including address and phone numbers.

2. Valid Passport for at least the next twelve months.

3. Two (2) recent identical colour photographs, sized 4x4 cm or 1.5 x 1.5 inches, plain white background, full face, front view and open eyes, make sure photo presents full head from top of hair to shoulders (not include sunglasses or hats)

4. Police Record Certicate (only for foreigners with 16 years of age or older): In Canada you must request the "Certified Criminal Record Check" form the RCMP (please visit the following link), then that certificate must be autenticated by the Department of Authentication of the DFAIT in Ottawa (click here). Also, if you have lived for at least un (1) year in another country during the last three (3) years, you must submit to this Consulate General the Police record certificates of those countries, duly legalized by the corresponding Argentine Consulate or with the Apostille. This documents must be translated into Spanish.

Important: DFAIT has informed to this Consulate General that the RCMP certificate mentioned above must not be authenticated by a notary previously to request the authentication from DFAIT.

5. You have two options: print the document of your preference.

Note: Kindly note that you must submit the document of your preference accompanied by its version in Spanish.

5.1. Sworn Declaration in Spanish, please click here . 

5.2. Sworn declaration in English, please click here.

5.3. Statement of Commitment in Spanish 

5.4. Statement of Commitment in English.

6. Migratory Permit already issued by the DNM (each per applicant).

7. Depending of what DNM indicates:

a) Employment contract signed by the employer in Argentina or note of the company in Argentina reporting on the transfer of the person, duly certified and authenticated by a notary public in Argentina and authenticated by the “Colegio de Escribanos” and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Argentina. If there is an employement contract it must be signed in the presence of the Consul.

The company or agency inviting foreign citizens to Argentina, in the invitation should indicate the registration number of the company or agency in the RENURE or the card number of the legal representative, in order to see if enabled or not by RENURE.

Companies or organizations in Argentina that are not registered at the "Registro Nacional Unico de Requirentes de Extranjeros" must contact:

a) "Registro Nacional Unico de Requirentes de Extranjeros":

Contact Phone: +54-11-4317-0200/0303/0263.


b) "Direccion General de Asuntos Consulares" of the "Ministry of Foreign Affais, International Trade and Worship":

Contact Phone: +54-11- 4819-7000 (extension 8280 or 3118).



b) "Intra-company transfers": must present a letter from the employer in Canada confirming that the applicant is currently employed at the company and he/she is going to work in Argentina for a parent, affiliate, subsidiary or branch office of his/her Canada employer. The letter must be written in -or translated into- Spanish, on company letter-head paper and duly signed by an authorized person of the company. This letter must be authenticated by a Notary Public and then certified by DFAIT in Ottawa (click here ) or by one of the provincial authorities mentioned in the following link of our webpage.

8. Pay for the consular fees. Thery are payable to: "Consulate General of Argentina", by means of money order or certified cheque. Check out here. They are split in 2 parts, namely: 1. Visa fee, 2. Migratory bag.


The applicant is required to come in person to our offices the day of the appointment. The visa will be processed and the passport is going to be returned to the applicant 48 hs after the appointment at this Consulate.

Mod 26/05/2021

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