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Temporary Retiree/Private Income Applicants Visa (for one year, multiple entry) (Law 25871 art. 23 inc b) y c)


A) The financier must prove the origin of the funds and their entry into the country, through banks or financial institutions authorized by the ARGENTINA REPUBLIC CENTRAL BANK (this documents must be translated into spanish). It should show proof of income from investments in banks or foreign companies or securities issued by the Argentine banking system and purchased with resources drawn from outside. He must also prove that the amount of his income is sufficient to meet his maintenance and his primary family group. In order to access to a temporary residence as financier, the minimum amount required is $ 30,000 (THIRTY THOUSAND ARGENTINE PESOS).

B) The Pensioner must present a certificate issued by an international government or organization that certifies that you receive a pension or retirement, on a regular and permanent way, as well as the amount and duration of said benefit. In order to prove the facts must submit documentation demonstrating your pensioner nature. Pension funds must be banked and come from the system provisional force in the country of origin. Must include copies of the last three (3) paystubs, for retirement or pension paid abroad and copy of act for which he was awarded the retirement benefit or pension. In order to access to a temporary residence as pensioner, the minimum amount is $ 30,000 (THIRTY THOUSAND ARGENTINE PESOS)

In all cases, the applicant must reside in our jurisdiction. Applicants living in Canada outside our jurisdiction, must refer to this Visa at the Consulate of Argentina in Montreal.

This visa allows the applicant to get the Argentine Document for foreigners (DNI). Click  here for more information.


An appointment must be applied in advance. You can call us or send an e-mail for that purpose. This visa requests that the applicant shows up at this Consulate the date of the appointment because we need his fingerprints to fill out the forms of the migratory bag.

It is mandatoty that the applicant sends us -via prepaid envelope/courier slip or personally- the passports, the money order and the rest of the documents required, within no less than 15 days prior of the date of the appointment, so that we can process in advance all the info of this kind of visa.

1. Original Application Form  (see link below), all fields completed without scratches or corrections and duly signed.

Visa Application Form following the instructions in English (See Form and Instructions)

2. Sworn Declaration (English) and Sworn Declaration (Spanish), to be filled out. The applicant must sign them only in the Consultate.

3. Police Record : letter from the Police stating record for the past five (3) years. In Canada you must request the "Certified Criminal Record Check" form the RCMP (please visit the following link). Please note that the certificate must be autenticated by the Department of Authentication of the DFAIT in Ottawa (click here for more information). Important: DFAIT has informed to this Consulate General that all criminal records checks, fingerprint certificates and documents originating from any local or provincial police station in Canada must be notarized by a Canadian Notary Public prior to atuthentication.

4. Valid passport, at least for the next twelve months.

5. Two (2) Photographs  full front view, colour with white background, plain matte paper, 4 x 4 cms, uncovered head without glasses.

NOTE ABOUT TRANSLATION OF DOCUMENTS INTO SPANISH: All the documents mentioned above must be translated into Spanish.


1.  There are three fees: Visa fee, Migratory bag for temporary residence fee and Consular Permit Entre Fee. The consular visa fee and the migratory bag for temporary residence fee are payable to: "Consulate General of Argentina", by means of money order or certified cheque. Please heck out the current fees here.

2. For the Consular Permit Entry Fee payment, please follow the instructions at the following link:

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