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Technical/Professional/Artists/Visa (for up to 30 days)


a. This visa category is for those who enter Argentina with the purpose of carrying out tasks such as scientific, professional, technical, religious or artistic, whether paid or unpaid.

b. This visa is valid for a period of up to 30 days and it is renewable in Argentina (one time only) for a similar term prior to the expiration date of the original visa.

Important notice for journalists: Please beware that journalists must apply at least a month before their intended departure, as the process takes between 20 and 25 days working days.

c. For applicants who need to stay in Argentina for longer than 30 days, it is recommended that the Company or Subsidiary in Argentina start the application for a "Special Transitory Visa" by requesting to Migration Authorities to issue a entry permit for the lenght of time needed (up to one year). Then, with it, he/she has to submit to this Consultate within the rest of the requirements indicated below.

d. Canadian citizens must apply for a Visa in this immigration category. For nationals of other countries visit the following link and also this link.

e. In the case of requests of visas for foreigners made by officers of national, provincial or municipal public government or bodies of Argentina, they should present a note to the "Dirección General de Asuntos Consulares" (see contact details below) or at the “Dirección Nacional de Migraciones”. Any of these two public bodies must submit instructions to this Consulate General in order to issue the corresponding visas.


1. Valid passport with an expiration date not less than 6 months.

2. Original Application Form.

3. One picture size's 4x4 cm

4. The reservation of air tickets with the date of entry and exit of Argentina

5. Proof of legal status in the Canada (for foreigners). 

6. Send Money Order, or Certified Cheque payable to "Consulate General of Argentina".

7. Letter of invitation from the host organization or business in Argentina (please see requirements at the following link) inviting the applicant and confirming the purpose of your trip, duration of the visit, full name, addresses and telephone numbers of all businesses and persons you will contact in Argentina. The letter must be written in Spanish, on organization/company letter-head paper and duly signed by the person in charge and certified by an Argentine Notary Public and "Colegios de Escribanos".

8. Letter of Employer: Proof of commercial/ work activity in the place of residence (Spanish translation needed)

Important: The signature of the authority of the company or inviting organization in Argentina must be registered at the "Registro Nacional Unico de Requirentes de Extranjeros", of the "Direccion Nacional de Migraciones" (Immigration Authority), according to the provisions of the "Disposicion DNM 54.618/2008".

The company or agency inviting foreign citizens to Argentina, in the invitation should indicate the registration number of the company or agency in the RENURE or the card number of the legal representative, in order to see if enabled or not by RENURE.

Companies or organizations in Argentina that are not registered at the RENURE must contact the RENURE at the folowing contact phone: +54-11- 4317-0200/0303/0263.


1. Applications will be processed and returned in 5 working days, as from the date of the arrival via the prepaid envelope menioned above of all the requirements mentioned above. Rush process visas are issued within 2 working days and are subject to the rush process fee, per each document. Check the consular fees here.

2. If the applicant has not accompanied a prepaid envelope or courier slip, he/she will have either to send a prepaid envelope/courier slip to us or come personally to our Office to pick up the passports/document/s.

Note : This General Consulate does not take responsibility for delays or losses in the mail or courier.

Passport holders of these Countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaiyan, Comoro Islands, East Timor, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Lybia, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sri-Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tadyikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Yemen, must apply for this visa personally at this Consulate General in Toronto, with no less than 30 days from the scheduled date of departure to Argentina. Also, in order to apply for a visa at this Consulate General the applicant should not be in Canada as a tourist. In case the applicant is a tourist in Canada, he must request the visa at the Argentine Consulate having jurisdiction in the place where he has his regular residence.


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