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Tourist Visa (for up to 90 days)

The holders of a valid Canadian passport do not require a visa to enter Argentina for tourism purposes.

The payment of the reciprocity fee for Canadian passport holders has been suspended as of January 1, 2018.

The payment of the reciprocity fee for Australian passport holders has been suspended as of July 1, 2017.

The payment of the reciprocity fee for American passport holders has been suspended as of March 24, 2016.

You may remain in the country for a period of up to 90 days, renewable in Argentina, at the Immigration Office, for a similar term of 90 days before the expiration date of the first period of 90 days.



Starting February 1, 2019 eligible travelers holding valid passports from selected countries and traveling to Argentina for tourism purposes for a period of up to 90 days will be able to apply for an eTA online on the Argentine Immigration Office website. Please refer the following link:


1.  To apply for an eTA for tourism, individuals must hold a valid (at least 4 months) American Visa B2 or a category C Schengen Visa issued by any of the European Union member countries.

2. The eTA will be valid for three (3) consecutive months from the issuing date and the authorized period of stay in the country will be of up to three (3) consecutive months, from entry. The eTA allows multiple entries.

3. The fee for the eTA is US$50.00 and processing time is 20 working days.

4. For inquiries about the eTA application process please e-mail Immigration Argentina directly:

Amateur athletes travelling to Argentina for sports activities may enter the country as tourist, that is, they do not require a visa to enter Argentina.  Individuals holding passports issued by the following countries (see link below), as well, do not require a visa to enter the country for the same purpose.

In case officers from government and public bodies, national or provincial or municipal, request a visa for a foreigner, the original invitation letter, certified by the office involved, should be forwarded to this Consular Office in Toronto.

When the request for the visa is made by a foreign diplomatic or consular office in Argentina, the original invitation letter should be submitted to the Protocol Office (Dirección General de Ceremonial y Protocolo) in Argentina.

Chinese passport holders who have a valid B2 American visa or a Schengen visa will require anelectronic travel authorization (AVE) when travelling to Argentina as tourist for a period up to 90 days.  In order to get the AVE  please visit the following link:



I  Requirements
The applicant should submit the following documents personally at our Consular Office in Toronto, Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (except Argentine or Canadian holidays) or by mail with tracking number or courier services.

1.  Valid passport with an expiry date no less than 6 months validity, as well as previous passports to verify trips made overseas.

2.  Formulario de solicitud

3.  One (1) current photo, full front view, colour with white background, plain matte paper, 4 x 4 cms, uncovered head without glasses.

4.  Flight schedule (return ticket).  It is advisable that you do not purchase non-refundable airline tickets to Argentina before the visa is granted.

5.  Proof of your status in Canada.  Please submit the passport with visa attached.

6.  Proof of funds for the duration of your visit to Argentina.  You should submit credit cards and bank statements for the last six months.

7.  In case of references in Argentina (friends, family, etc), you should submit an original  letter of invitation including photocopy of their Argentine ID (see link below)certified by a Notary Public (Escribano Público) and then authenticated by the College of Notaries Public (Colegio de Escribanos) in Argentina.

8.  In case you do not have Argentine references, your hotel reservation must be made using your credit card.

9.  Original letter from your employer (see link below) confirming your employment.  This letter should be certified by a Notary Public registered at this Consular Office (see link below).

10.  Submit real estate property/pension income documents you may have.

11.  In case you are a university student, original letter from the university confirming that you are currently enrolled at such educational institution.

12.  Submit tourist itinerary/schedule for country sightseeing tours you have planned.

13.  Request day and time for the Visa Interview with the Consul General.

14.  The Visa Fee is payable by means of Money Order or Certified Cheque to:  Consulate General of Argentina.  See link below.

15.  Include a prepaid envelope with tracking number to return your passport with the visa duly executed or you may attend personally to this Consular Office in Toronto to retrieve your documents.

II  Procedure
1.  The regular visa process takes 5 working days.  The expedited or rush visa process takes 2 working days/48 hours and requires the payment of an additional fee that you should add to the corresponding Consular Visa Fee. In days of high demand the visa process would usually take as much as 4 working days.

2.  To obtain information on the status of your visa, please verify the tracking number on the prepaid envelope you included with your documents.

3.  No documents will be returned by regular mail.

Note: This Consular Office is not responsible for lost documents.  Always use the mail system with tracking number or courier services.

Individuals of certain nationalities should make the visa application 45 days prior to the date they are planning to travel to Argentina and most importantly, should not be in Canada as a tourist.  In this latter case the applicant should apply for the visa at the Consulate General of Argentina with jurisdiction over his/her place of residence:

Interviews are held in English or Spanish only.

Individuals holding passports issued by the following countries should apply for a Travel Certificate instead of a visa 15 days prior to travelling to Argentina:

Kosovo, Nauru, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Taiwan, Tonga and Tuvalu.



Individuals holding passports of the following countries traveling for tourism purposes should apply for a tourist visa:

Individuals holding passports issued by the following countries do not require a visa:

Invitation Letter related to references in Argentina:

Original Letter from your employer:

Notaries Public registered at this Consular Office:

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