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1) The original Certificate of Origin of canadian goods/merchandise, must be signed and stamped by the Chamber of Commerce/Board of Trade within our jurisdiction before requesting the consular legalization.

2) For certificates of origin of goods/merchandise manufactured in countries other than Canada, the exporter must submit the original or copy of the certificate issued by the country of origin (for example China), whereby he/she has to make a sworn declaration on the reverse of the said document, stating that:

a) The exporter is the owner of the merchandise/goods to be exported

b)  Date and number of the invoice by which the Canadian exporter bought the original goods from an exporter in a third country (for example China)

c) Full name of the Importer in Argentina

d) Description of the goods to be exported to Argentina, quantiy and its gross weight.

e) This sworn declaration must be signed and stamped by the exporter and this signature must be authenticated (signed and stamped) by the Chamber of Commerce/Board of Trade or by a notary public of our jurisdiction.

IMPORTANT: This certificate of origin can be legalized up to one year of the date of issue and it should be submitted to Argentina within 6 (six) months as of the date of legalization by this Consulate.


The commercial invoice and price list are subject to a Consular "visto"


These commercial documents must be signed and stamped by the Chamber of Commerce/Board of Trade within our jurisdiction before requesting the consular legalization.


1. You must submit the documents to this Consulate General, either by mail or in person along with this form, already completed and signed.

2. Certified Cheque or Money Order payable to: "Consulate General of Argentina", per each document. Check the consular fees for legalization or Visto here. Include a prepaid envelope or courier slip, with the waybill duly completed, to return the documents to you, unless it is picked up personally at our office.

3. The documents will be processed and returned in 5 working days, as from the date of the arrival to this Consulate General. Rush process legalizations are issued within 48 hs. and they are subject to the rush process service fee per each document. Check the consular fees here.

Note: This General Consulate does not take responsibility for delays or losses in the mail or courier. For the returning of documents, FEDEX labels with the contact details of this Consulate will NOT be accepted (field 1 "From / Expéditeur", please see example below, attachment)


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