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Argentina Business & Investment Forum september 12th to 15th, 2016


Landmark event

The level of representation, both from within Argentina and around the globe, from business and politics will be unprecedented in the country’s recent history.

First mover advantage

Participants can “get in on the ground floor” in a country that has massive investment opportunities stemming from its sheer size, diversified economy, educated population, natural resources and unique location.

Be the first to know

Unique opportunity to hear first-hand of the economic vision and sector plans that the government has prepared to drive investment and growth.
Speak directly with Ministers of strategic sectors.

Networking opportunities

Time for delegates to mingle freely and discuss substantive matters.
Special times set aside for one-to-one meetings with the President and his Ministers.

Support Argentina for the benefit of all

Support Argentina at this critical juncture as it takes strides to advance its economy, and regain its long-standing position as a political, economic and cultural center in the region.
Benefit not just Argentina’s own economy and society, but that of the whole region.

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Argentina Forum 2016 by President Mauricio Macri


Fondo argentino de cooperación sur-sur y triangular